BRODYS - RV and Marine Sensor Cleaner


- Cleans Black Tank Sensors: Brodys Sensor Cleaner is a must have for RV and boat holding tanks.  Restoring level gauges is a must have function at all times and our solution is proven to get the job done on the first use for old and and new problems.

- Heavy Duty : Our professional strength Brodys Sensor Cleaner solution will successfully clean and remove everything causing your issues.  Fixes stuck tank gauges and clogs.


- Easy to Use: With easy to use instructions right on the bottle, cleaning your sensors in your RV or Marine is a quick job. Driving is not needed, but can help speed up the cleaning process

- Bio Enzyme Formula: Our Heavy duty Bio Enzyme formula is an eco friendly way to keep your sensors clean without the use of harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions.  All Natural enzymes break down waste that is affecting your sensors such as human waste and all brands of toilet paper.

- Made in the USA:  Our products are proudly made in the United States of America, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality and efficiency. Proven to restore Level Gauges and each bottle contains 2 Treatments.