About Us

Our company was formed with the idea that products should be eco friendly and have a lower impact on our environment.  All of our product are eco friendly, and do not contain any harsh chemicals. 

Brodys specializes in manufacturing and distributing products for various applications.  Our Descaling solution, is designed to effectively clean your Nespresso, Keurig as well as any type of coffee machine with professional strength efficiency within your home.  In addition, our full line of soft serve mixes is used throughout the United States in theme parks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, restaurants and etc.  

We are constantly making new items to fit the needs of our customers, where our competitors lack.  We pride our selves on making eco friendly cleaning products, such as our Pet Stain and Odor Remover.  This is an all natural product that uses enzymes to naturally degrade pet waste and odors.   

Our team is constantly creating/adding new items, so please check back often and see how we can meet your needs