RV Sensor Cleaner, 1.75lb Jar

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Brodys RV Sensor Cleaner has been formulated and tested to ensure only the highest results. With easy to use directions right on the bottle, you will have no issue using our product.  Our product is Biodegradable and Eco Friendly, so you will not harm the environment. 


  • Brodys RV SENSOR CLEANER - Dissolves and eliminates odors . Our Eco friendly bio enzyme formula will naturally eliminate odors at the source and restore a pleasant smell.
  • Prevents build ups and clogs by effectively breaking down all brands of toilet paper and human waste products. Works for Both Black and Gray Tanks and is a must have accessory.
  • Maintains clean sensors so that they remain functional, by dissolving waste before it can adhere to and damage them. This is a very important aspect of our product as working sensors are a must have.
  • Powerful eco-friendly odor remover and waste liquefier. Very easy to use and makes removing waste very easy and a breeze. We recommend keeping at least 1 bottle on board when using your RV or Boat.
  • This product is proudly made in the united states of america and works in black and gray tanks. Must have item for these tanks and recommend for continual usage.